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Negar Assari-Samimi is a conceptual artist
that works on many different media
including sculpting, drawing, painting,
photography, and computer graphics. Some
of her artwork has been published
internationally to inform communities about
global-warming and other environmental

Negar has held many exhibitions in the
United States, as well as Europe. She has
also participated in many exhibits such as
Washington Art-o-Matic, Iranian Women
Studies Exhibition, Emotional Sensibilities,
Images of Protest and Peace, Dialogue
Through Art: A Pictorial Conversation, and,
Florence International Biennial of
Contemporary Art.

Her goal is to create artwork that has strong
messages toward
public awareness and
educating communities. She strongly believes
that visual communication can play a great
role in making our world a better place.
There are many ways to reach peaceful
solutions. A work of art that can visualize
and demonstrate peace to public eyes may
create peaceful solutions to on-going
"People are People"
from "Religion &
Tolerance" series

People are just people
regardless of religion,
borders, or boundaries.
Let's not raise our
children within