Borders & Boundaries

Every individual is important.  Letís see our similarities rather than looking for differences. We fight everyday.  We fight for our beliefs.  Letís not kill each other for our faiths.

In my artworks I tried to show similarities and show the importance of our beliefs. The building block for each scenario is a mother and a child. -- I purposely used same mother and child for four different religions to show people's similarities.

Although the mother and the child are the same in each scenario, the religious environment is different. The artwork describes the transmission of our beliefs to the next generation. --The way people raise their children in boundaries. The child nudity represents the purity and innocence that will be covered by human believes during the adulthood.  At the end a circle will show the religion loop that most of us need to learn how to live in this loop peacefully.

People are just people regardless of religion, borders, and boundaries. Letís not raise our kids in boundaries.

We need to protect people and not to hurt them base on their beliefs.
Learn how to live in this world peacefully.

Negar Assari-Samimi

2335 Sandburg Street
Dunn Loring VA 22027